Caturday! Life Of Pi Parody And More…

Our favorite day of the week, Caturday! Here’s a round up of random pics, memes and gifs paying homage to our favorite feline friends.

posted3 years ago

Hey little guy…wake up…it’s CATURDAY!

Clever Kitty!

Need to clean the apartment this weekend? Grab yourself a cat broom!

Robin Hoodcat or The Real CATniss…tell us in the comments below.

Tom Cruise stole his Risky Business moves from this smooth kitten.

This Life Of Pi parody kitten and his human #NailedIt!

Little known fact: The off button on a kitten is in the tip of his tail :P

Come back every CATURDAY for your favorite dose of laughs and cuteness! Don’t forget to share this post with all of your friends :)

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