It’s Caturday! Celebrate With Afro Cat and More…

Our favorite day of the week, Caturday! Here’s a round up of random pics, memes and gifs paying homage to our favorite feline friends.

posted3 years ago

Happy Caturday! Time to rock out with your favorite charity and this amazing Afro Cat…

If you’re hungry make sure to grab a breakfast burrito from Space Cat

And if burritos aren’t your jam maybe grab some cereal

But regardless you need to eat something, just watch out for the hungry kitty

Take a look at yawning kitten and we bet most of you will yawn too (are we right?)

You know what they say, there is no logic like cat logic!

Bad kitty trying to corrupt the youth

And when a kitten says “no photos allowed,” make sure you adhere to his wishes

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