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posted2 years ago

Heard of Humans of New York? That blog’s got nothing on our furriends at Felines Of New York

“Ok, tell me when you’re going to take the shot. I’m posing, but I’m trying not to look posed. Make it look candid.”

I can’t make it look candid if you’re posing like that.

“Well, I’m trying to look stoic, deep in thought.”

Just pose, you look great.

– Grandpa, Williamsburg

“I’d look at you, but I’m kind of upset right now.”


“I just knocked a glass off the table.”

“That’s why you’re upset?”

“No, I’m upset because it didn’t break.”

– Gary, Queens

“I should buy a boat.”

“Haha, yeah you do look like that internet meme.”

“What are you talking about?”

– Chandler, Brooklyn

“One time I jumped out this window right here. I saw a bird on that branch and was like ‘I bet I can catch that bird.’ Then I jumped.”

Did you catch the bird?

“You think I’d be telling you this story if I didn’t? The girl was super pissed at me, but I was like ‘Hey, I got you this bird so chill out ok?’”

– Henry, Park Slope

“I decided a long time ago that I don’t want kittens. A lot of other cats judge me for it, but kittens would just get in the way of my career.”

“What career is that?”

“I’m in the walking around and laying on stuff business. It’s insanely competitive.”

– Orange, Park Slope

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