Celebrate Caturday With Watermelon Cats And More…

Our favorite day of the week, Caturday! Here’s a round up of random pics, memes and gifs paying homage to our favorite feline friends.

posted2 years ago

Little known fact that cats love watermelon hats, especially on Caturday!!

Kittens just chatting it up. Probably plotting on how they’re going to take over the world.

SMILE! Cat looks like a bunny with those funny buck teeth.

Move over Godzilla, it’s Giant Cat’s turn to terrorize the folks in China!

While we’re all sad Breaking Bad had to come to an end, at least we are left with this hilarious picture of the Walter White Kitten

This russian blue cat is sad to hear that the Caturday post is coming to an end :'(

But the good news is that there are tons of other cute and hilarious cat videos for you to watch today, just click on one of the other posts below!!

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