It’s Caturday! Celebrate With Summer Cats and More…

Our favorite day of the week, Caturday! Here’s a round up of random pics, memes and gifs paying homage to our favorite feline friends.

posted3 years ago
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Summer is finally here and these cool Summer Cats are here to enjoy this Caturday in style!

So get cleaned up and get out there.

Besides some stylish shades you may also want to grab a hat.

Grab your friend too, whether he likes it or not.

There is only one good excuse as to why you aren’t outside basking in the summer sun like the other cool summer cats…

And that reason is if you get sucked in to a blackhole of watching funny/cute cat videos on our PAWsome website :)

So go ahead and click around the site for the next few hours!  Remember, the more time you spend watching cat videos the more you help us raise money for this month’s charity partner, For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation

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