Cat Fact Friday: Some Cats Love the Beach (and Water, Too!)

Hang 10 and pounce like you’ve got paws!

posted3 years ago

It’s Friday … and that means you’re only 24 hours away from the beach.  But instead of leaving Fluffy at home, why not bring him along? 

In this week’s “Cat Fact Friday,” we found a few videos that prove some cats, really do, love the beach.

Exhibit A: This kitten totally gets what the beach is about: great music, hot pink beach bags, and playing in the sand.

Exhibit B: This brave little Bengal ain’t afraid of no ocean.

Exhibit C: This lazy cat just found a sweet spot to take a nap in the worlds biggest litter box.  Warning, the soothing sound of the ocean may make you want to snooze.

So there you have it folks: some cats love the beach!

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