June’s Charitable Cause: The Breathing Room Foundation

For the month of June, your time spent on Cats vs Cancer will help us raise money for The Breathing Room Foundation!

posted2 years ago

We are thrilled to announce The Breathing Room Foundation as our charity partner for the month of June! That means for the entire month, every cat video you watch here on our site, or direct donation you make via our “donate meow” page, helps us raise money in support of their mission.

Check out this short video to learn more about their mission!

The Breathing Room Foundation provides care and support to families affected by cancer by helping them with whatever it is that will allow them a bit of “breathing room” from their daily struggle against cancer. 

the breathing room foundation

The Breathing Room Foundation recognizes that a cancer diagnosis affects every aspect of a family’s life; emotional, physical, spiritual and financial. 

the breathing room foundation

It is their hope that this support will allow them to concentrate all of their efforts towards regaining their physical health.

the breathing room foundation

So please consider helping us join their cause this month by watching lots of videos here on the site!

the breathing room foundation

For a detailed explanation on how your time spent on Cats vs Cancer will help The Breathing Room Foundation and all our other future charity partners, check out this video to see how it all works:


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