Exclusive Interview: The World Famous Magnificent 7 Cats (Part 2)

Meet Junior!

posted2 years ago

The Magnificent 7 Cats are a beautiful family of felines a living in a quiet part of London called Putney with their mom and dad, Sasha and Steven.

mag 7 cats

To date they’ve racked up over a million Facebook fans, and Cats vs Cancer recently scored exclusive interviews with each of them. Below is the second in a series of adorable profiles you won’t want to miss. Click here to see the rest of interviews. 

Our second subject was Junior, a pure-white Turkish Van who loves head-bumping, nudging, kissing, and lying on his back to be tickled.

Junior to Cam

Cats vs Cancer: So Junior, naturally you’re known for your differently colored beautiful eyes. Some cats might be uncomfortable being on camera with this condition, but you seem to embrace it. Do you see yourself as a role model to other cats like you?

Junior: I like my eyes and think I’m very lucky to have them. I don’t really see it as a ‘condition’ any more then my having white fur or a human having brown hair or blue eyes. It does have a name, though: heterochromia iridum – which just means differently coloured irises!

My eyes do make me look different to other cats and I think this is a gift for an internet cat like me; they make people stop and stare. My dad says that my eyes are like beacons of love and light illuminating the Universe. So if people look into my eyes and they feel my love then I guess I’m doing my job. If I’m a role model and other cats feel better about showing themselves to the world then I’m a happy cat. We should all be proud of what we are.

Junior on table 2

CvC: Some say you’re the most loving of the Mag 7. Is that true? Do your siblings ever get tired of it?

Junior: Hmmm. That’s a tricky one because I think we’re all pretty loving but show it in different ways. But I have to say this: I love my mom! I can’t tell you how much. We have the deepest connection. When she’s happy, I’m happy and when she’s sad I’ll do anything I can to help her. Do you know why? I think we’ve been together for many lifetimes so it’s like we’re part of each other. I love to sit on her desk while she’s working; I feel so happy and content that I stretch-out my legs and roll around her computer keyboard. I think sometimes she would rather I didn’t do this so much. I think my siblings get a little jealous when I hog mom but they know our history so they don’t mind so much.

Junior relaxed on table

CvC: It’s no secret you love to play with toys, whether it’s string, or laces, or laser pointers. What’s your favorite?

Junior: You know, I do. I like to see myself as quite elegant, laid-back and calm; a sophisti-cat. But then there’s string. STRING! OMG. I can’t help it. I love the way it squiggles and jiggles and flips around. I’ve tried to train myself to ignore it but it’s no good. The feel of it slipping through my paws is just too nice. Anyway, cats should play. It keeps us fit and alert. And it’s such fun!


CvC: Cats have been trying to catch the red-dot since laser pointers were invented. Do you think they’ll ever get tired of it?

Junior: Ahh. This is a much deeper question than a human might realise. It is spoken that he who captures the red dot shall gain wisdom and strength as never before known in this world! The red dot contains the deepest truths in the cat universe; hidden in plain sight but always beyond grasp of our paws. Cats will never tire of pursuing this. Plus it’s fun.

Junior 7

CvC: You’ve been known to play outside and expertly walk across a fence from time to time, which is something cats often struggle with. Do you have any tips for would be acro-cats?

Junior: Don’t look down! Walking across a 2-inch ledge might look easy for a cat but, believe me, it takes some practise. We tend not to get hurt when we fall but flailing our arms and legs and screaming as we struggle to hold onto a fence we’ve just slipped-off is not a good look. Not remotely cool.

If you climb-up too high, sit tight as though it was exactly what you meant to do. Look calm and serene, as though you are surveying the yard. If your person tries to coax you down, ignore them (you’re bound to fall and look like a jerk). They’ll get bored eventually and lift you down. The illusion remains intact!

Junior in the garden

CvC: A lot of those videos of cats falling have been posted online as “cat fails.” But others think the cats were simply performing for the camera. Would you agree that maybe cats don’t fall, they just make artistic choices when it comes to making cat videos?

Junior: Artistic choices? If only. No cat could act so convincingly. When we fail, we really fail. I know we’re supposed to be all about timeless wisdom, universal love and elegant dexterity but there is nothing funnier to a cat than watching cat fail videos. That’s why we love catsvscancer.org.


CvC: Fill in the blank. Of the Mag 7, I’m by far the most _________.

Junior: easily recognised!

Thanks to Junior for taking the time to answer our questions! Be sure to check back soon for more interviews with the Magnificent 7 cats, and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page here. 

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