7 Creepy Cats In Haunted Kitty Condos

Those who enter beware: you may die of cuteness overload…

posted2 years ago

You’re not a crazy cat lady until you’ve built a haunted house for your favorite feline. With Halloween just around the corner, all the creepy cats on Instagram are participating in the #PimpMyHauntedCatCrib challenge and the results are spine-tingling.

1. “You know it’s been a rough day when you find spiders and cobwebs in your tuna-tini cocktail.”


2. “My sister and I went to the dark side the moment you shaved our fur off.”

3. “This is what happens when you forget to change my litter box.”


4. “What am I doing behind these colorful cobwebs? Definitely not plotting your demise. Nope, not at all.”

5. “Don’t let the angel wings and innocent eyes fool you. I will claw your face off if you come any closer.”

6. “SO SHINY. I must murder it.”

7. “I’m fully prepared to smack down any goblins that come my way.”


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