These 9 Cats Want To Have A Staring Contest With You

Try to beat these staring contest masters! You’ve got no chance at winning, but you can try…

posted2 years ago

Ever tried to have a staring contest with a cat? It’s harder than it sounds, especially if your feline plays to win. These nine cats definitely do.

1. “The rules of this cat staring contest are simple. If you blink, I get to claw your eyes out. If I blink, it’s only because I farted.”

2. “Nervous? Good. You should be.”

3. “I’m not one to brag, but I’m REALLY good at this game. I practice in the mirror every day while you’re at work”

4. “When I look into your eyes, I see the future. Spoiler alert: you are going down.”

5. “Admit it. You knew you didn’t stand a chance the second I walked in the room.”

6. “Shame me all you want. I’m way too talented to let a little humiliation break my gaze.”

7. “Don’t let my waterbeard distract you from losing.”

8. “I’ve got my claws cocked and ready to fire as soon as you blink.”

9. “Honestly, I’m surprised you even lasted this long. How have you not given up yet?”


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