Top 10 Coolest Cats in Tights

Check out what’s all the rage in four-legged fashion this season.

posted2 years ago

There’s a new trend sweeping the feline fashion scene… kitties sporting some spiffy tights! Check out who wore it best as we countdown the top ten hippest cats in hosiery.

10. Kitty Long-Stockings




8. Suede Puss in Boots


7. Catwalk Model


6. Boss Cat Beetlejuice


5. Ballerina Black Cat


4. Study-buddy Fuzz Ball


3. Cozy Onesie Calico


2. Saturday Night Sour-Puss


1. Paint Me Like One of your French Felines  [facebook]

If these pics were like catnip to you, visit the Facebook page “Cats Wearing Tights” to see more. Maybe even post some fashions modeled by your own furry friends.


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