10 Cats Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters

These cats are simply thrilled about the holiday season…

posted2 years ago

You’ve probably already seen a few cats wearing ugly christmas sweaters this season. If not, your luck is about to change. Here are a bunch of miserable felines rocking the ugliest Catmas attire of all time.

And this is what we imagine each cat was thinking as the photo was taken:

1. “That wrapping paper is on point. Ho ho ho, indeed.”

2. “This tiny Christmas sweater was hand-crocheted by my human servant.”

3. “Can we all agree that I’m pulling off this Christmas sweater so much better than the baby is? Such a rookie.”

4. “How long do I have to wear this?”

5. “This obscene sweater is actually pretty comfortable. All I want for Christmas is a cat nap.”

6. “How dare you take my photo while I’m dressed like this?”

7. “I will ruin Christmas for you and your family.”

8. “This photo shoot got out of hand quickly. How did I let you convince me to wear reindeer antlers?”

9. “Remove this sweater at once! I’m much more comfortable when I’m naked.”

10. “I just transformed my litter box into Santa’s sleigh and dressed some rats up like reindeer. Want to go for a ride?”

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