Celebrate Caturday With DJ Scratch Cat And More…

Our favorite day of the week, Caturday! Here’s a round up of random pics, memes and gifs paying homage to our favorite feline friends.

posted2 years ago

Welcome back to another beautiful CATURDAY! 

Are you as excited as this wide-eyed kitty for everything you are about to see? #CatNip

Get your pump on with Arnold and furriends!

Bart Simpson knows cat logic all too well

Baby big cats love to nibble on a bit of Caturday too :)

Don’t be sad that this post is close to an end

DJ Scratch Cat is here to keep the party going all weekend long!

And if you don’t already know the more time you spend on our site watching cat videos and funny posts like this one helps us raise awareness and funds for this month’s charity partner, The Firefly Sisterhood

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