CAthletes Training: Laser Pointer Workouts

If you thought Crossfit training was difficult, just try catching a red dot…

posted1 year ago

Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks’ bootcamps are pretty much cake walks for these finely-tuned feline cathletes. Here’s a sneak peak at their daily laser pointer routines.

1) Gotta start with a warm up – The Neck Roll

2) Next make sure to get the blood circulating with a nice jog.

3) Once you’re loosened up you’ve got to start working in the agility drills.

4) And if you’re still in the zone, make sure to channel your inner Karate Kid with a little “Wax On, Wax Off.”

5) Make sure you don’t miss any spots and always have a spotter close by.

6) By this point in the workout you’re about done and probably ready to surrender!

7) Cool down, don’t forget the most important thing….A COLD SHOWER!!!

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