Zarathustra, The Time Traveling Cat!

Cats, art and time travelling, isn´t that the perfect combination?

posted1 year ago

We present to you: Svetlana Petrova & Zarathustra the Cat!!

They’re time travelers from Russia who go back to the scenes that inspired some of the most famous paintings ever. The result? They end up changing history!

And here’s some of the best adventures they’ve had so far! Like that time Dalí thought that a cat was all these paintings needed:

Edvard Munch thought it was a great addition too, proving that Zarathustra was a great hit among the avant-garde movements:

Leonardo da Vinci couldn’t resist the charms of Zarathustra, and you can’t blame him, right?

And finally, being the politically engaged cat that he is, here’s the time he took part in the French Revolution:

To see more of Svetlana & Zarathustra’s adventures you can check their site or instagram.


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