April’s Charitable Cause: Testicular Cancer Foundation

For the month of April, your time spent on Cats vs Cancer will help us raise money for Testicular Cancer Foundation!

posted10 months ago

We are thrilled to announce Testicular Cancer Foundation as our charity partner for the month of April, Testicular Awareness Month! That means for the entire month, every cat video you watch here on our site, or direct donation you make via our “donate meow” page, helps us raise money in support of their mission.

Their latest campaign is simple. #KnowYourBalls.


The Testicular Cancer Foundation provides awareness, education, and support to young males and their families about this disease. By teaching young males about their bodies, they not only increase the likelihood of early detection of testicular cancer – but also teach them about the importance of being advocates for their health.


TCF supports families of testicular cancer patients and shares its resources with the medical and healthcare communities, schools and various young men’s groups.


At age 22, Matt Ferstler – after losing his left testicle to cancer – became known to his close friends as “Single Jingle.” That nickname turned into a testicular cancer organization that Matt founded in 2009

matt tcf

For a detailed explanation on how your time spent on Cats vs Cancer will help TCF and all our other future charity partners, check out this video to see how it all works:

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