Meet Melissa, The Instagram Cat of The Week!

She’s known as Melissa, the Einsten Cat.

posted10 months ago

Melissa is a Scottish Fold that loves to stick her tongue out for her Instagram followers.

She’s just the cutest thing! Also, Melissa received the nickname Einstein Cat due to the face she makes in basically all pictures.

Even though Melissa looks happy and healthy on her pictures, it wasn’t always like that. At a very young age she was diagnosed with a degenerative disorder of the development of bone and cartilage called Osteochondrodysplasia. Many doctors advised her owner, Alina Esther, to euthanize her considering it would be too much trouble treating the disease.

Fortunately, Melissa was in very good hands and Alina refused to give up on her, doing whatever was possible to treat her cat. Now Melissa has a really good life at the side of her human.

To see more of Melissa’s tongue follow her on Instagram!

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