September/October’s Charitable Cause: For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation

For the months of September and October, your time spent on Cats vs Cancer will help us raise money for For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation!

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We are thrilled to announce that For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation is returning again as a Cats Vs. Cancer Partner for 2017! That means for the entire months of September and October, every cat video you watch here on our site, or direct donation you make via our “donate meow” page, helps us raise money in support of their mission.

Take a look below to see their story and to see some of the people they’ve helped since we last partnered with them – YOUR VIEWS and SHARES MADE IT HAPPEN!


For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation enables cancer patients and their loved ones to strengthen, deepen and unify their relationship by creating unforgettable and last respite vacations. They’ve helped over 7,000 people since 1999! 

“After a few days on this break from cancer, I was able to change my focus from coping with life and work to having fun, relaxing and paying greater attention to my family members and having fun with each of them! This trip made me realize that I can and will take a more positive, calm approach to daily living. Thank you!” -Lewis Moraschi, age 49 with lymphoma, traveled with his wife and children to a donated vacation home in Hilton Head, SC

In 1999, cancer took a man named Pete. But it couldn’t take his legacy.

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Pete Bossow, Jr.

In the midst of his own battle with cancer, inspired by the kindness of his friends and family, Pete resolved to create an organization that would give adult cancer patients, their caregivers and their kids the emotional support and break from cancer they needed. He passed away before he could see his dream come to life. His wife, Marci, left her job as a practicing attorney and dedicated her life to making his vision a reality. 

For Pete’s Sake’s respite vacations are a week long (although can be made shorter to work with a patient’s treatment schedule, health and work schedule) and take place in Florida where FPS owns two respite vacation homes and at other donated locations along the East Coast and in the Caribbean.

“This respite vacation strengthened our family emotionally. We truly needed a break from not only the cancer, but the hardships faced as a result of the bills, drama with other family members and day-to-day activities I’ve endured. It allowed my husband to hit the ‘reset’ button – he felt more relaxed and present, and in turn, that made him appreciate the moments we shared. The respite was more than our kids could have imagined. Our days were filled with adventure, laughs, exploring and tons of affection! It helped me focus on the ‘NOW’ and reminded me the importance of that over the ‘what-ifs?’, thank you! – Galit Green, traveled to the FPS respite home in Florida with her husband and two daughters in February 2016.

Patients are between 24-55 years old and must be nominated by a member of their oncology team. For Pete’s Sake partners with over 325 nominators at 100 hospitals to form their nominating teams.  One hundred percent of their nominating professionals report post-respite improvement in patient, caregiver and child’s outlook on cancer! Here’s some nominator feedback!

For Pete’s Sake aims to give cost-free, care-free respites and thus covers the cost of airfare, car rental, accommodations and gifts a generous cash stipend to ensure families have to spend little to no money of their own while on their break from cancer.  Upon return, For Pete’s Sake creates a special photo keepsake and keeps in touch with the patients and caregivers through their ancillary support program.

Check out this video to learn more:

And to see how your time spent on Cats vs Cancer will help For Pete’s Sake and all our other future charity partners, check out this video to see how it all works:

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