10 Instagram Cats That’d Make Us Swipe Right on Tinder

Clear out your calendar for Saturday night.

posted4 months ago

Okay, we know Tinder is for humans only, but if these 10 frisky-looking felines made it to our mobile screens we might just be tempted to swipe right.

1. Colonel Meow

Because a cat in a bar is clearly up fur anything. We’d throw down a few with the Colonel any day. Right!

2. Lindy

We still haven’t gotten over our bad-kitty phase. Right!

3. Joey Boy

Hot shades, cool cat.  Plus, this kitty looks purrfect in pink.  Right!

4. Mr. Grumblecat

Who doesn’t love a man in a tux?! Right again!

5. Munchie

This little Romeo would bring you flowers … then probably eat them, but it’s the thought that counts. Right!

6. Stash the Moustache Cat

Because facial fur is sexy. Right on!

7. Alice and Finnegan

What’s better than one adorable reindeer cat? Two adorable reindeer cats. Right, fur sure.

8. Tiger, the Master Puff

Travelocity built an entire ad campaign on this celebrity cat. We’d rome with this gnome, er cat, all over the globe. Right!

9. Charlie

You love pizza, we love pizza. It’s a match made in foodie heaven. We are swiping right, right nom nom nom!

10. Snoopy Babe

You remind us of Princess Peach, which makes us think of video games.  Which we love almost as much as cats. A full-office right!

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