Meet Tubby, A Very Special Cat Dedicated To Supporting The Fight Against Cancer

Tubby a true gift from God.

posted2 weeks ago

Tubby is truly a gift from God. Pictured here with his owner, Barry. Tubby was a stray who needed a home, while Barry was someone in need of this loving cat. As Barry fought cancer, both Tubby and Heidi (Barry’s fiancé, and recent site volunteer) stayed by his side. Sadly, he lost his battle in December of 2016. Tubby now lives with, and comforts Barry’s brother. Heidi is still apart of Tubby’s life, as she visits him every week. Just as Heidi believes fate brought Tubby and Barry together, she believes fate also brought her to this website.

Tubby posing for his Senior High School Picture.


Tubby having a religious experience.  Here he is praying for some stupid birds.


…and then patiently waiting for his prayers to be answered.

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